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Rachel Barker Casting


Tel: 07952 679215 


Baby casting a happy model

This is the fun bit!

I've been casting since 2003 and with my years of experience I will ensure you all have a memorable casting experience.

 I have 3 children of my own and have cast them from the day they were born. Children and babies won't stay still.. they don't have to!



The Casting Process.

I have a casting studio at my home in Earlsdon, Coventry where any cast can be taken, or I can visit you in your home to take the casts.

Some warm casting is mixed up. Then in goes the hand, for less than a minute. Including time for  good wriggle!

Then the hand slides straight out of the perfect mould.

I then take the mould away to create your perfect finished lifecast. The process takes a minimum of 3 weeks due to lengthy drying times, and the application of at least 7 layers by hand to achieve the bronze or pewter effect.

Large family pieces, torsos, faces etc use a slightly different secondary mould technique. These will take from 6-8 weeks to deliver.

If you have a deadline for delivery such as a birthday please contact me to discuss options.


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