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Rachel Barker Casting


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Framed Baby imprint tiles hands and feet

Imprints and Outprints. Tiles and different Styles

The options are endless. From a single handprint, a trio of boys footprints, or include the whole family with Mum and Dad too.



Capture your newborn, your toddler, baby with big brother, or the whole family.


My Imprints are all delivered framed and reasy to hang.

They are available in a 'tile' or 'cut out' style and can be mounted to include a photo.

Available with a wide range of frames, mounts and colours.

Imprint Prices        Tiles        Cut Outs

Baby Hand & Foot      £82        £97

+ Photo                    £108      £124

Both Hands & Feet     £124      £155

+ Photo                    £150      £183 


Please also look at my 3D Baby Cast and Celebration Cast pages for alternative ideas.