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Rachel Barker Casting


Tel: 07952 679215 


Family ring life cast of 5 people


From a large family ring, a newborn holding Mum's finger, a Golden Wedding Clasp for Mum and Dad, or just to celebrate being together.

The options are endless.


As unique as you are!


If you know who you would like to include in your cast I can suggest a style of cast to suit. The ring style of casts are suitable from 4 years old. The clasps are suitable from birth. There is no upper age limit.


Adult Clasps such as the wedding clasps are £140

This is for a fully finished and mounted cast.

Gift Vouchers are available for a unique gift


All casts are moulded, cast, finished and mounted by me so I can assure the highest quality of finish. For full details and a quote for the cast of your choice please

contact me.