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Rachel Barker Casting


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Pregnant belly detailed alginate cast by Rachel Barker Casting

Bump and Body Casts

Celebrate you shape with a unique momento of your pregnancy.

You can share the wonder of how a whole person once fitted inside!



Capture the wonder of your body as it creates a new life within.

Celebrate your pregnant bump with a cast.

In a few months your amazing bump will be only a memory, but here is a way to remember what changes your wonderful body underwent to create your new addition.

It's a wonderful addition to a nursery!

Casts can be bump only, bump and your hand, or add your partners hand too.

Breasts can be included, also full neck to thigh casts are available.

Your arm can be cast across your chest if you prefer.

A range of bump cast are available from simple belly bump bandage masks to fully detailed torso's.

All can have a range of finishes, from plain bandage, smoothed, painted, decorated, or mirrored. Bumps casts can be transformed into bowls that can also be used for newborn shoots

Please contact me to discuss options