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Rachel Barker Casting


Tel: 07952 679215 


Bronze baby feet casts framed with photod w

Capture every wrinkle

 and dimple.

Remember how tiny they really were by creating a cast of every wrinkle and dimple.



Let me create a truly unique piece of work for you.


Your baby's hands and feet can be quickly cast in the comfort of your own home to produce a high quality cast you will treasure for ever.

Your 3D casts can be mounted, freestanding, or framed. Older children can also be included  parents, or grandparents.

Mounted Baby Casts

Single Hand or Foot                                  £78

Pair of Hands/Feet or Hand & Foot             £117

Framed Baby Casts

Hand & foot or Pair Hands/ Feet                £142

Hand & foot or Pair Hands/ Feet + Photo    £168

Both Hands & Feet                                   £233

Both Hands & Feet + Photo                       £259

If you have an idea for a style of cast that isn't shown on my website, please contact me as endless options are available

Please also look at my Imprints page for alternatives.